3 Ways to Chill Out During Stressful Times

Stress is common these days. We all feel the tension from time to time, but dealing with the effects of stress is often challenging, to say the least. Whether you are working through a rough patch at work or need some help navigating the cutthroat dating world, these great options for incorporating relaxation and coping skills can help you deal with stress more effectively for a better path.

1. Speak with a therapist.


A therapist is a great starting point for anyone dealing with the effects of stress. With the help of a holistic and somatic healer like Julie Ann Otis, locking in the stress-reducing techniques that you need is simple and effective. Otis has a varied background in the arts and has published public art (in two installations, “American Therapy” and “Live Nude Girls”) and poetry that strikes at the heart of public compassion and healing.

Otis has worked for many years in the therapy space as well. Otis melds a variety of approaches in order to help clients reduce stress, focus on healing and positivity, and more. With a model for your stress relief like Otis, making changes in your life through therapy (as an Otis client or with other therapists in your area) is an easy and highly effective option. Therapists are key allies in the battle to reduce the toxic effects of stress on the mind and body. Otis and others work tirelessly to provide clients in the U.S. and all over the world with the ability to harness their inner peace and build pathways to lasting calm.

2. Book a spa day.


A day at the spa can be a powerful calm-inducing activity as well. With a HydraFacial treatment at your local spa, improving your skin and eliminating stress from your physical body can offer a great option for those looking for a way to chill out. Massages, facials, and more treatment options that are part of the spa experience are well-known as stress reducers and can create the calming effect that you’re looking for in an instant.

The experience of ease that comes from a trip to the spa can be luxurious and relaxing all in one neat package. Spa days are a great way to let the cares of the world rest at the door while you enjoy some of the finer things in life. Consider a visit to the spa for a great day of pampering and the ability to reduce some of the stress that’s causing you trouble.

3. Get outside for a new outlook.


Studies have shown that taking a walk in the park can help regulate blood pressure, reduce stress levels, and improve mood. Walking is good for your mind and muscles as well. Maintaining a healthy and happy outlook is important for managing the things that cause us stress in our daily lives, and with this simple strategy for the stress reduction and management effort, revamping your approach to a day’s work is easy.

Time spent outdoors is a great way to prioritize your own mental health and personal well-being. For some, speaking with a therapist or booking treatments is time that they don’t have available to spend. But going for a walk or simply sitting down in the park for a portion of your lunch break can give you targeted relief from the stressors that you deal with every day and provide an immediate and tangible boost to your mental and physical well-being.

With these options in mind, making the most of your health and finding ways to reduce stress can be done with greater ease.