5 Gift Ideas for Someone Living With Chronic Illness

Chronic illnesses can be life-altering conditions that are hard for others to understand. When someone is sick, it’s natural for loved ones to show care through giving gifts. Thoughtful gifts that show support and an effort to understand the condition can put a much-needed smile on someone’s face. Those living with chronic illness have trouble getting comfortable, sensitivities, and physical weakness. Find the right unexpected gift with these five gift ideas for someone living with chronic illness. 

Coupon Books 

Those living with chronic illness know that, sometimes, health gets in the way of commitments and plans. Create a homemade coupon book with free passes for getting out of plans guilt-free. Write coupons for cleaning, cooking, laundry, or food delivery. Coupon books encourage people to reach out to friends and family for help with the little things. 

Gift Certificates and Cash 

Giving gift certificates for costly treats makes for an ideal gift. Think gift certificates for massages, float tanks, hydrotherapy, or meal prep services. These sort of treats are a luxury for someone with chronic illness since finances are tight with medical costs. 

Illness is expensive, and while it is nice to receive gifts, sometimes cash is more appreciated. Giving money may seem impersonal, but having extra cash to help pay for prescriptions and copays can ease the financial burden. 

Comfort Baskets and Comfort Clothing 

Wrapping up in a comforting blanket on a flare-up day is soothing. Think about gifting a heated throw blanket, something soft and plush, or a weighted blanket. Electric throw blankets are great to have on hand for someone who gets cold easily. Flexible clothing, warm socks, and comfortable clothing are all great ideas. Body pillows are also good for someone who has aches and pains, especially the plush U-shaped kinds. 

Sipping on soothing tea is a relaxing practice when feeling unwell. Put together an assortment of herbal teas that help with sleep, immunity, stress, or digestion. 

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Treatment Gift Boxes and On the Go Baskets 

For someone battling major health issues, put together a treatment gift box. Pack it with fun supplies like journals, lip balm, note cards, lotion, or a coffee mug. The idea of a treatment box is to bring a smile and cheer to someone’s day. They can be made by hand and gifted at the beginning of treatment, or ordered online and delivered as a monthly subscription. 

Patients spend a lot of time running around to doctors’ offices and hospital visits. Put together an on-the-go basket filled with practical, useful items that come in handy throughout the day. Things like phone charging cables, hand sanitizer or wipes, small lotion, and first-aid supplies are thoughtful gifts. 

Entertainment Subscriptions 

When living with chronic illness, people spend a lot of time entertaining themselves. Subscriptions to Netflix, Hulu, and HBO will be put to good use and serve as a nice distraction. For some people, holding a book is difficult, but digital books are easier to handle. A monthly book club or e-book gift cards make for entertaining gifts.

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When it comes to those living with chronic illness, comfort is key. Find gifts that enhance their quality of life while also being thoughtful and clever.