Addiction and Infidelity: How Are the Two Linked and What Can I Do to Help My Loved one?

It’s important to maintain a balance between supporting your significant other, as well as understanding if they’re cheating. You don’t want to be a pillar of support if you also know that they’re unfaithful regularly. While the direct correlation may be difficult to establish, it helps to understand the right steps necessary towards betterment.

Your partner may be suffering from underlying issues that need to be addressed at a local clinic. You can consult with local Los Angeles alcohol treatment centers to check out their programs that support patients with addiction. This may help to get them the right type of assistance early on in their recovery phase.

Common examples of infidelity

When it comes to addiction recovery, cheating may be a somewhat common occurrence among patients. This may also be explored individually, as partners may end up cheating on each other without revealing the simultaneous affairs.

Spending time with someone romantically outside the relationship, having sexual affairs, and lying about inappropriate activities are all indicators of infidelity. The problem may be chronic if the individual has been lying along with cheating regularly as well.

It’s ideal to get them the right help early on and understanding why they’re cheating on you.

Finding out whether they’re cheating

The preliminary step is to find out whether they’re cheating in the first place. This can be established with a bit of reconnaissance and asking around about your partner. If they like to visit certain restaurants, parks or cafes, then you can follow them over a weekend to see what they’re up to.

There are also various services that help you to answer the question–is she cheating on me? If she’s been receiving a lot of messages or calls from certain numbers, then you can look up that number on these service platforms. These may help you get closer to the truth, as you work with them to recover from their addiction.

Complicating an existing condition

The major link between addiction and infidelity comes from the complications that cheating can add to the condition. When you’re already recovering from an addiction, be it substance abuse or alcohol, it’s important to stay as free of distractions as possible. It’s good to get your life back on track and bank on the support of your partner.

With the prevalence of online apps, bars, and dating sites, addicts may feel pressured to reach out to these easy ways of hooking up. They may be trying to ease conflict with their partners, by having an affair outside the relationship. They may also be hiding it for a long time, to protect their partners as well.

As a partner of an addict, it’s important to get them the right treatment for their specific condition. This will help them get their lives back on track and become a more productive and happier individual.

Taking time for yourself through the process

When you find out that your partner is cheating on you, it can be a difficult thing to process. Added to that, the rush of negative emotions that an addict can bring upon you can also be draining. It’s important to not handle this by yourself and let the professionals intervene when necessary.

It’s also critical to take some time out for yourself and not feel like you’re being dragged by your partner. By supporting them through this tough time, you’ve done your part. Now it’s time to take care of your own self and find true happiness inside yourself. You can also support your partner by choosing to end the relationship and allowing them to work on their condition.