Coping During Menopause: Tips and Tricks

Menopause can be a challenging time for anyone. If you’re a woman in menopause or close to the menopause transition, there are some tricks to getting through this normal stage of life. In combination with products to help manage symptoms, here are some great tips on how to make it to the other side of menopause gracefully.

Staying Distracted


Unfortunately, there’s no real way to escape the symptoms of menopause, like fatigue and hot flashes, completely. While supplements, lifestyle changes, and hormone replacement therapies may help, another great way to handle menopause is to stay distracted.

If you’re someone who loves to scrapbook, is close to your friends and family, or who has big dreams for the future, one great way to stay distracted during this uncomfortable time of change is to spend free time working on something you care about, like creating a digital scrapbook. By looking back at happier times or making room for memories in the future, you’ll put yourself in a position to lift your mood.

Consider a quick Google search for the best cloud storage for photos. Using Dropbox, Google Drive, Creative Cloud, Google Photos, OneDrive, or any other number of shared cloud storage services, you can even get your friends and family in on a project you’ll enjoy looking back on.

Making Lifestyle Changes


Whether taking more walks or changing your diet, a great way to handle symptoms of menopause is to consider lifestyle changes. Sadly, menopause and sugar cravings often go hand in hand. If you’re craving sweet food but also experiencing weight gain, it’ll be important to find balance.

For some women, it’s difficult to avoid food cravings for sweets because the body’s metabolism slows down with age, which makes weight gain a real concern. Eating healthy and balanced meals every day in combination with regular physical activity is one way to keep the weight down.

Focusing on the Positive


The same way you’ll want to stay distracted and come up with new fitness and healthy diet routines, another trick to dealing with menopause symptoms is to focus on positive things happening in your life. Maybe your son is currently planning the perfect engagement for less and needs help finding the perfect ring for his upcoming marriage proposal. Perhaps your daughter has just had a long engagement and is finally getting close to her big day. In looking ahead to events that matter to you, you’ll be less likely to worry about those hot flashes, aversions to spicy food, and more. Instead, with the new cloud storage, you’ll be taking more photographs for that digital scrapbook.

For peace of mind during menopause, do what you can to focus on the future. The reality is that menopause will come to an end. In the meantime, you still have exciting things ahead. Work on a list of proposal ideas for your son. Help your daughter plan the perfect wedding decor for her wedding day. Anything you can do to stay positive will go a long way toward improving your mood and decreasing mood swings.

Managing Symptoms with Support


The best way to deal with menopause symptoms is to take them one at a time. Like PMS, they will be irritating and may mean bad days. The good news is that you’re not alone. The truth is that menopause can be challenging for all women. Like puberty, it’s part of the natural life process. Hot flashes, insomnia, mood swings, and even the need for hormone replacement therapy won’t last forever, and other women in your life will attest to that if you ask.

By staying distracted, focusing on the positive, aligning with other women or family members in your same situation, and reaching out for help when needed, you’ll increase your chances of minimizing the obstacles that menopause will undoubtedly try to throw at you. When in doubt, remind yourself that you made it through puberty and maybe even pregnancy, too. You’ve got this and the future is waiting for you!