Simple Ways to Add Some Zen to Your Life Today

From its Eastern roots to the Westernized adaptations frequently found in the US and abroad today, zen is a phrase that imbues an almost instant feeling of peace. You might be drawn to a more zen life for its spiritual insights or simply to face less stress, but, in either case, a life that emphasizes zen principles and pastimes can offer more calm, less tension, and a greater connection to yourself. Whatever methods you utilize, principles you feel drawn to, and tenets or beliefs you hold dear, a few particular habits can increase the sense of zen you experience in your everyday life.

Make time for self-care.


One of the easiest methods for incorporating zen into your life has significant benefits with or without other components of a zen lifestyle. The simple act of fitting self-care into your schedule is an effective, powerful first step. With your doctor’s approval, you might begin taking advantage of water based CBD oil and the wellness benefits that come with it. By choosing water-soluble CBD, you can use less CBD oil with a faster result. Alternatively, you can find CBD in other forms, from tinctures and topical gels to skincare products and capsules. Self-care is a vital part of a genuinely zen lifestyle, whether you opt for CBD products or other methods. Even taking a short nap when you’re tired counts! Of course, if you do go for a CBD addition to your life, you should take to a doctor first about dosage and potential side effects before sipping a CBD beverage.

Get in touch with your spiritual side.


With roots in Buddhism, it’s unsurprising that spirituality is a crucial tenet of a zen lifestyle. These same principles can apply to other religious or spiritual beliefs, from Christianity to Paganism. You might sit in prayer at the start of each day or pull a tarot card to see what’s in store for your upcoming day. A simple yes or no tarot spread is easy to learn and, with one quick tarot pull, you can have some insight into your life and yourself. As you interpret the results of a tarot reading, you’ll draw your brain into more profound interpretations of the situation and question at hand. Those spiritual roots will bring you that much closer to achieving zen, no matter your beliefs.

Connect with your body.


Truly stopping to connect with your body and breath is another easy way to enhance the zen in your life. Yoga and Tai chi are likely the most well-known methods for this sort of connection, taking your body through a flowing methodology strengthens that connection. Nevertheless, these aren’t the only practices you can incorporate. Even the simplest habit can strengthen this connection. For example, you might invest in a CBD-infused skincare product and use a jade roller to massage your face and enhance its benefits. Maybe you’ll take a few minutes and apply gel nail polish designs, feeling the touch of each fingertip. It can even be as simple as closing your eyes as stress engulfs you, noting what parts of your body are holding that tension, taking the time to acknowledge your body—to be grateful that you have a body. As a result, you’ll feel grounded and experience much more zen.

Focus on each moment.


Mindfulness is a critical component of living a zen life—that’s why practitioners of this lifestyle recommend meditation and similar practices so highly. You might embrace guided meditation to help you master mindfulness, or you might just close your eyes, sit still, and focus on your breath. It’s natural for your mind to wander, especially at first. When that happens, simply acknowledge that thought and return your focus to your breath. The better you get at this practice, you’ll be better prepared to incorporate the same principles in your daily life.

Learn who you really are.


As someone working to be more zen, you need to have an understanding of who you are. In the traditional sense, Zen Buddhism believes that a person who achieves enlightenment realizes their everlasting yet ever-changing “true self.” If you believe in the original Buddhist principles inspiring a zen lifestyle, you will want to research that concept more thoroughly. For those who have a less conventional take on the idea of zen, you might turn to tarot for insight or utilize meditation and mindfulness practices to understand yourself on a more profound level. To truly engage in a zen life and incorporate these other methods, you must understand who is embarking on this journey in the first place.

Joined with a thoughtful mindset and increasing knowledge of yourself in the most profound sense, incorporating these habits into your life can help you add zen to each day. Whether that’s gaining a feeling of calm and connection with any form of CBD or gathering profound insight into who you are and what path you’re on through a tarot deck, the concept of a zen life can be adapted to meet your needs and customize the sort of zen you need.