What to Do If You’ve Suffered a Dental Injury In a Car Accident

Car accidents are among the most common causes of personal injuries, and unfortunately, there’s no way to predict them. Auto accidents are extremely common in the United States, with over 38,000 deaths reported in fatal crashes every year. A staggering 4.4 million people are injured severely enough to require medical attention in car accidents each year. Common injuries in car crashes include whiplash, lacerations, head injuries, broken ribs, knee trauma, and much more. Any blow to the head or face has the potential to results in a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or a dental injury. A dental injury can be a serious danger to your oral health, not to mention the severe pain the often accompanies them.

Any time you’re involved in a car accident, especially if you suffered a serious injury, it’s crucial to get medical care right away. This is firstly important for your own safety, as certain injuries (like brain injuries) may not show symptoms right away. When left untreated, brain injuries can result in a plethora of problems, including physical symptoms like losing consciousness and seizures and cognitive issues like confusion and unusual behavior. It’s also important for accident victims to get immediate care in order to prove that all injuries sustained were, in fact, caused by the accident. The longer you wait, the harder this will be to prove, and that can negatively affect your claim with your insurance company or hurt your personal injury case.

If you hit your head in a car accident, there’s a fair chance that you’ve suffered a dental injury. This could be something as simple as a cracked tooth, or it could be something direr. Whatever the case, here are some trustworthy professionals who can help you out after the event.

Visit a dentist to determine the extent of the damage.


While you’ll receive quality emergency care at an ER, it likely won’t be the best place to diagnose and come up with treatment plans for a dental injury. For that, you’ll need to visit a specialist like this dentist Centennial CO. This independent dentist office in Centennial prides itself on the personal approach it takes with each patient, and you can rest assured that you’ll get the highest quality care for any dental implants, oral surgery, or cosmetic dentistry you’ll need following your accident.

A serious tooth fracture may not be able to be fully treated immediately if the objective is to save the tooth. Instead, the loose, fractured tooth may be bonded to an adjacent tooth, like a splint of sorts, until the gums and jawbone heal. Once this healing is complete, a root canal procedure can be done to complete treatment. Remember to only entrust your dental care to experts in dentistry.

Hire a car accident lawyer to pursue damages.


If you suffered dental or other injuries due to a negligent driver, a drunk driver, or even due to malicious intent, you’ll likely want to seek the maximum compensation for your physical pain, medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, and psychological trauma. You may need to pursue a lawsuit against the responsible driver, or you may need legal assistance if the insurance company has unfairly denied your accident claim. Either way, you don’t want to try it alone. Look for a lawyer with years of experience to offer legal advice like this car accident attorney in Las Vegas.

You’ll be able to visit an accident attorney for a free consultation regarding your case, and it’s recommended that you bring as much evidence as possible to back up your claim. This includes any photographic or video evidence of the accident itself, the scene, property damage, evidence of injuries, medical records, and the police report, if applicable.

Car accident cases are often taken on a contingent basis, meaning you’ll only have to pay a percentage of your settlement if you win the case. This means that personal injury attorneys are careful about what cases they pick up since every one of them is a risk. If you can show the car accident attorney that you have a good case, they’ll give you your best chance at a fair settlement.