Stuck Indoors and Missing the Gym? 5 Best Exercise to Do Indoors

Sometimes a visit to the gym is a no-go because someone doesn’t feel well, or because of extreme weather conditions. But, normally, people will find ways to make up for these lost gym days. What happens when gyms close indefinitely?

Due to the ongoing novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many countries, including the United States, put a stay-at-home order into effect to combat the spread of the virus. As a result, many people attend classes and work from home virtually, and they also can’t go to the gym.

Having to complete assignments and conduct business over the Internet day in and day out without being able to go anywhere except the grocery store, the doctor or hospital, or to any other places deemed essential contributes to a sedentary lifestyle that can be bad for health.

Researchers have identified connections between sitting for extended time periods and health conditions such as obesity, high blood pressure and blood sugar, and more.

Anything that involves body movement and burns calories, such as stretching, walking, and climbing stairs, is physical activity. Per the American Heart Association (AHA), adults need a minimum of 150 minutes (two-and-a-half hours) of moderately intense aerobic exercise each week, or 75 minutes of strenuous aerobic activity throughout the week. Combining moderate and vigorous physical activity into one’s exercise routine can offer the best health benefits regarding total well-being and disease prevention.

Being physically active and engaging in routine exercise can lead to longer lives and an increased health-related quality of life. Some benefits include a decreased risk of medical conditions such as high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.

Exercising enhances bone health and balance, lowering the risk of sustaining injuries from a fall. Physical activity also impacts sleep by preventing sleep apnea and insomnia. The relationship between the body and mind strengthens with exercise because staying active enhances attention, memory, cognitive processing speed, and other cognitive abilities while lessening the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

People can make the best of the time they spend at home and incorporate physical activity into their routine.

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is a good cardio workout that can burn calories and increase bone density. This form of exercise is easy to do indoors in rooms with high ceilings and hardwood floors or a jumping rope mat.

Stair Stepping

Stair stepping is a physical activity that works the hips, calves, hamstrings, and glutes. People who live in houses with stairs can take quick breaks from the computer and go up and down the stairs to strengthen and tone their leg muscles. This exercise improves blood flow in the legs, resulting in a healthier body and heart.


People can box at home in rooms where they have a lot of space. Shadowboxing, punching the air in front of you, is an activity that doesn’t require an opponent, making it perfect for exercising indoors while practicing social distancing. With a mirror, people can work on improving their stance and punches.


Squatting is an activity that works the hamstrings, glutes, and quadriceps. Remote workers and students can find that squatting is a perfect lower-body exercise for combatting their sedentary lifestyle. Proper execution of this indoor exercise improves lower body mobility and enhances the health of joints and bones.


A popular form of exercise, yoga can improve balance and breathing while strengthening bones. Stress reduction and relieved anxiety and depression symptoms are mental benefits of yoga. With a variety of poses to try, such as the tree or the triangle, each yoga session can be different from the last, offering much-welcomed changes to people who stay home all day and all night.

People can invest in fitness products such as jump ropes, yoga mats and pants, boxing gloves, reusable water bottles, fitness trackers and heart monitors, and more to recreate the atmosphere of the gym when engaging in these five exercises at home.