The Ultimate Checklist for Moving to Assisted Living

Making the move into assisted living can feel stressful without a solid plan. The great news is that moving into an assisted living facility can also be one that comes with peace of mind and excitement about the future. If you or someone you love will be moving into an assisted living facility for seniors, read on for some things you’ll want to do to make that transition a smoother one.

Do your research ahead of time.


The first thing you’ll want to do when moving into an assisted living facility is to be sure you’ve done your research when it comes to the amenities and overall lifestyle you’ll have access to. In finding a fantastic assisted living facility that matches your lifestyle and goals, you’ll increase your odds of being happier long term.

To find the right assisted living facility for you, start with a Google search for facilities in your general zip code area. A search like “assisted living in Painesville” will point you in the right direction of facilities that can meet your long- and short-term needs.

Contact vendors and other providers ahead of time.


Once you’re sure you’ve made the right choice about the senior community you’ll be moving into, it’s important to know what outside vendors and utilities you’ll need. Depending on the level of care your facility offers and if your set-up will be focused on independent living, you might need to call the cable company, internet providers, subscription services, and vendors you’ve grown used to.

For example, if you’ve always used the best water delivery service for regular deliveries of high-quality water in individual bottles to your home, you’ll need to let them know about your move. You’ll also need to check with your facility to be sure that a water service is allowed. That is, in communicating with both your old vendors and the assisted facility you’re moving into, you’ll make your transition easier. Instead of having to give up that bottled water delivery service you’ve come to depend on, you’ll have the best of both worlds.

Get to know your assisted living community.


Getting to know the community before your final move is a good idea. You’ll feel more comfortable if you spend some time in the town where you’ll be living before moving into the assisted living facility. Knowing where the local grocery store is and about churches, parks, and other community resources is a great way to begin to form connections with your soon-to-be new surroundings.

Start by planning a visit to the general area you’ll be living in. For example, if Lake County is your final destination, it’s a good idea to get to know the lay of the land and places like Deer Park on top of meeting staff members who will provide your senior care. Like with your spring water deliveries, it’s okay to ask for and expect a balance of independence, quality care, and new experiences. When in doubt, reach out to staff members to find out how you can blend your life in the facility with your life in the larger community.

Pack for comfort and quality of life.


As you start this next chapter, it’s important to pack for comfort. Bring the things that most remind you of home. Consider renting a storage unit so that you can make changes as you come to understand the flow of your new lifestyle. Eventually, you can downsize and eliminate the storage unit. Hanging on to it for now will help make your transition easier.

In the end, your decision to move into assisted living doesn’t have to be stressful. By communicating your wants and needs with the right facility and knowing the rules going in, you’re bound to enjoy this next phase of life in your golden years.