How To Keep Your Employees Safe

Keeping your employees safe can mean many different things depending on what your work environment is like. If you work construction, it means making sure no one gets hurt. If you work in an office, it probably means making sure your data and your employees’ data is protected from security threats and other business operations. Either way, if you’re a supervisor, you know that one of your biggest responsibilities is to keep everyone who works under you safe.

As mass shootings and other issues in today’s world and the United States become a more common issue almost daily, it’s important to stay ahead of the game and ready for anything that could happen. Whether it’s a physical or cybersecurity threat, there’s no reason to not be as prepared as possible for the sake of your workplace, as well as its employees.

What are chan boards, and how can they help to keep you safe?


When it comes to keeping you safe at work, physically and on a cybersecurity level, chan boards are becoming the new go-to approach. So, what are chan boards? While they are similar to social media due to trending topics and bulletin board spaces, they also contain intel for actual physical security intelligence. They are sometimes referred to as “image boards,” and are forums designed for anonymity. It’s basically a deep web-level imageboard that allows for sharing images and discussing topics.

When it comes to security at work, chan boards are useful because they allow people to detect security threats, violent threats, harassment, illegal content, hackers, extremist behavior, doxxing, and intel on shootings. Its userbase is incredibly diverse and the boards have become increasingly troublesome due to the lack of liability held to their content creators.

If you believe this could be a helpful resource for your place of work, you might want to consider reaching out to a company that specializes in monitoring these boards. There are several digital intelligence platforms companies use to filter through content to identify potentially threatening information. They will work with you every step of the way when it comes to identifying critical issues.

What if you can’t afford security measures for your business?


Many business owners find that even if they want to step up the security measures at their place of work, it’s difficult to afford all the services to do so. Some businesses are even considering it a huge investment and seek financial aid, private loans, and other money lenders to help them achieve their security goals.

California private money lenders is just one of many companies that can help with the investment process of bulking up the security at your place of work. These investments are crucial because, without safety and security at work, there might not be a place to work at all if the idea of security isn’t taken seriously.

Ask your employees how safe they feel at work


One of the best ways to keep your employees safe at work is to create a space where they feel comfortable telling you their concerns. It’s important that your employees feel safe at work not only for employee retention rates but for optimal production and employer reviews. When it comes to accepting a job offer, many prospective employees today look at much more than the salary tied to the job. They are seeking a workplace that promotes diversity and comfort and defies cultural stigmas.

A good place to start would be to hold a meeting and allow all your employees to voice how safe they feel at work, digitally and physically. They might have ideas about safety and security that you or your colleagues haven’t thought of before.