Taking Plant-Based Living to the Next Level

The more we move towards a plant-based lifestyle, the better it is for the environment and for ourselves. Living green can mean a wide range of things, though, so where exactly do you start? From your diet to the plants you bring into our home, elevating your commitment to a plant-based lifestyle is varied. Here are a few tips on where to start to take your plant-based life to the next level.

Stick to a plant-based diet.

Committing to a primary (if not fully) plant-based diet is one of the most concrete steps towards attaining a plant-based life. Vegetarian diets have proven to support health, including lowering the risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and increasing life longevity.

Plant-based diets offer sufficient nutrients, proteins, vitamins, and minerals and can vary in substance. The best habit you can adopt is to eat lots of vegetables of different varieties and colors, with an emphasis on greens such as kale, spinach, and Swiss chard. Also be sure to incorporate whole grains, nuts, healthy fats, herbs, seeds, and fruits. By investing in a plant-based diet and lowering your intake of animal products, you will be investing in your own health as well as that of the environment.

Add natural supplements to your wellness routine.

Nature offers many healing elements. While you can access many of these benefits through your diet, you can also introduce a higher concentration of them through supplements. Vitamins and supplements can increase your intake of herbs and spices that have healing benefits such as turmeric and ginger.

Another herbal boost you may want to incorporate into your routine is a CBD or hemp-based product. An extract from the marijuana plant, CBD is a strain of cannabinoid that offers relaxation, stress-reducing, and pain-relieving benefits. CBD products come in the form of CBD oils and edibles. They are THC-free, meaning you don’t experience the psychoactive effects as you would from marijuana. Another way to experience the joy and relaxation typical of CBD is through hemp flowers, which you can smoke. To find the best hemp flower for your needs, try out a variety of strengths and strains. From Hawaiian Haze to Sour Space Candy, explore the realm of CBD flowers to make your relaxation a plant-based one.

Make a green space in your home.


Bring green into your living space to breathe a little life into your home. We know that plants are visually stimulating, with the green color helping us feel relaxed and calm. It’s important to note that they offer other benefits as well. Plants release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, which cleans the air and removes toxins, meaning that adding a houseplant to a room can quite literally clear the air. Studies have also shown that indoor plants can also improve our concentration.

When you’re creating your personal plant sanctuary, be careful about what you choose. Some houseplants require lots of suns, while others grow better under indirect light. Certain houseplants require more care than others and some grow better in specific climates, such as tropical plants, which tend to prefer humidity. One of the perfect choices for a houseplant is the Ming Aralia, which is an unusual root. These green, green shrub-like plants originate from the Pacific Islands. Aralia thrives in either full sun or indirect light and is able to last a while between waterings, The unique, ornate leaves of ming aralia make for beautiful foliage in your home.

Plant a garden.


Why not take it one step further than buying a houseplant? If you have space, whether it be small or larger, consider planting your own garden. Gardening has numerous health benefits, will further connect you to the earth, while also encouraging you to incorporate vegetables into your diet on a locally-produced scale. Start with a garden of herbs or some veggies that are simple to grow, such as leafy greens and tomatoes. Plant some of your favorite flowers that you can enjoy outside and bring inside to decorate your home as well. Take it a step further by composting your produce. You will not only be reducing waste but will be creating great fertilizer for your garden, too.

Buy and consume responsibly.

By becoming conscious of your everyday habits, you can incorporate more environmentally-friendly practices into your daily routine. Purchase biodegradable trash bags, bottles, containers, and compostable utensils when you’re on the go. Using reusable grocery and produce bags when possible is even better. Opt for beauty and shower products that use plant extracts and juices to reduce your chemical intake and maximize the benefits these natural ingredients offer. Simple steps can make all the difference and before you know it, you’ll be living a conscious, plant-based life.